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9 ways to live love in Mykonos ***New Year vibes

19, December, 2018


Lay on the beach of Ornos

The Blanc Way: Stay on Ornos beach, one of the best sandy beaches of Mykonos, the most popular as it is only 2km from Mykonos Chora, the main town of Mykonos island.

Take me there? Living beachfront on your holiday in Mykonos is one of the privileges you will savour when staying at Mykonos Blanc Hotel.  Known as Ornos beach, the sandy ambience is best for all day relaxation and battery recharge. Stay on the beach and be served some funky Asian fusion food from nearby Pasaji Mykonos resto, it will thrill you and your guests, will awaken your senses for more fun on Mykonos Island.



Little Venice


The Blanc way: Little Venice is a picturesque bay in Mykonos town, thrills all visitors who come across its beauties. White washed building arising from the blue deep sea hang over the edge, creating the right ambience reminiscent of the Venetian buildings, built on the rocky grounds of Mykonos island.  The view from the hanging buildings are mouth dropping.


Take me there? The sunset views with the red shadows will take your breath away and make you fall in love again. Take a seat infront facing the sea, just be wary don’t let the waves soak you up!  Little Venice’s has a pirate history of its own. Locals built practical balconies on their home buildings for fast and safer loading of goods off the ships visiting the island, to avoid stealing.



Mykonos Windmills

What is it? The Mykonos windmills are an emblematic scene on the hill of Mykonos town, played a premier role in the creation of wheat production in older ages.

Take me there? Visit to view the sea in panorama and experience the freedom and charm of these peculiar traditional buildings of windmills in Cycladic style, a hint of Mykonian history. The area is named Alefkandra which is taken by the word lefkos, the white linens hang on the ropes across the bay when locals used to hang their laundry.  Stare at the sea when your reach a small pebbled beach under the windmills, and enjoy a coffee or drink with your friends at the spot of Nice n Easy.



Paraportiani Church


The Blanc Way: Visit the monumental church of Virgin Mary with its long history on the castle of Mykonos town.

Take me there? Mykonos alone has a tradition of private small churches, standing alone one for each home on Mykonos island. There more than 1000 whitewashed churches on Mykonos island alone –Paraportiani the church of Virgin Mary has a story of its own with its peculiar formation. This unique building is actually made up of four chapels, each built on top or on the side of each other, hence the word paraportiani, doors next to each other. The building is only opened once a year with careful consideration for its structure and constitute.


Join a beach party

The Blanc way: Mykonos parties are memorable experiences for life. Open air venues happen across the island of Mykonos, starting from Midnight till dawn.  

Take me there? Take a deep breath and let yourself go on the rhythm of the island party saga.  Join the partying crowd any time of day or night.  Choose a beach party to die for, on a sandy beach, or a Greek Music Club. Reknown DJs rock the islands beating vibes. Scorpios Mykonos, Lindsey Lohan Beach House are some of the top options for partying day and night.  



Visit the antiquities and the light of Delos island

Delos island


The Blanc way: Follow the intense history and sunlight of Delos island. Delos is considered  one of Greece’s most fascinating archaeological sites.

Take me there? Ancient whispers say that Delos was the birthplace of the God of Apollo.  The relics of Delos form a whole ancient civilization of temples, theatres, villas, alfrescos, mosaic depicting life then, baths and water pump infrastructures.  Wonder around and fantasize of life in Ancient Greece, a civilization resembling real life as we know it now.



Live the Mykonos spirit at Panagia Tourliani Monastery at Ano Mera

Ano Mera Village


What is it? Visit Ano Mera and feel like a local.  The inland town of Ano Mera permits authenticity and laid back style.  A quiet side to unwind your senses and discover the real spirit of Mykonos.

Take me there? A highlight of a visit to Ano Mera is the sixteenth-century Panagia Tourliani Monastery which stands in the central square. Visit this sacred spot to admire embroideries and wood carvings. If you’re lucky enough to visit on August 1,5 you are in for the biggest action this town gets: the church festival where hundreds attend for traditional dancing and food. 



Surf me up in Mykonos island

Korfos Surf Club

The Blanc way:  Take your healthy breakfast at Mykonos Blanc Hotel and indulge in Surfing sessions at the alter ego beach of Ornos bay, Korfos.

Take me there? Mykonos Korfos is one protected bay close to Mykonos town the north side, an alter ego beach of Ornos bay, of the narrow peach of land. Its turquoise waters create dynamic waves over gusty north blowing winds.  It is the other side of land blown by gusty strong winds ideal for Windsurfing and Kite surfing sessions When Greece’s Meltemi summer winds blow – and they blow hard – the beaches on Mykonos are the perfect windy escape for windsurfing enthusiasts. Mykonos Blanc Hotel is only minutes away from Korfos windsurfing experience.



Experience a Shisha pipe

The Blanc way:  An authentic nargile experience, served by the original Arabic Shisha pipe or Hukah. 

Take me there?  You don’t need to go anywhere, just ask for a Shisha pipe with the smoke of your choice, add some fruits or champagne to taste on the favourite spot, at Mykonos Blanc Hotel, or walk up to the Shisha bar of Ornos bay.   A misty fantasy adventure with friends day or night, an exotic touch on Mykonos island.


Happy holidays Season’s  greetings